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About Us

Welcome to Educational Equity Services. Educational Equity Services provides tutorial services which focus on literacy development for students in PreK – 12th grades. We specialize in the five areas of reading which include phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Your child will receive specialized instruction based on his or her current level of performance and individual needs. Educational Equity Services uses a diagnostic approach to supporting and developing students’ skills and self-confidence.  This approach allows students to build strategies that will improve and strengthen their literacy development.  

Educational Equity Services also provides professional development and leadership coaching to leaders and teachers focused on equitable instructional practices, ELA/Math common core standards, culturally responsive teaching, best practices for diverse learners, and how to create systems and structures that best meet the needs of all students.

In response to the recent pandemic, we now offer Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Services to students and families. There is a growing need to support the whole child and we are here to provide wrap around support to families. 

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The mission of Educational Equity Services is to provide meaningful, individualized instruction to students in the area of reading.  We support every student in learning to read and developing a love of reading which will open doors to future success. Students are taught decoding strategies, high frequency word recognition, vocabulary development, practice for fluency, and reading strategies to build comprehension. Students will be taught these skills and strategies in an environment with a low student: teacher ratio. Literacy Development is the gateway to other subjects; such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health. These subjects will also be supported by Educational Equity Services with Literacy Development as the vehicle to gain student achievement.

In addition, we seek to support leaders and teachers with adopting high quality curriculum, common core standards, coaching supports to individuals and teams, and equity driven professional learning opportunities that will give educators the tools necessary to reach the needs of all students. 

Furthermore, we pursue educational equity for all students by not only providing academic support to students but also social, emotional, and mental health services to the community.

Meet Anita Walls, Ed.D.


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Dr. Anita Walls has spent over 25 years in Education. Dr. Walls spent 5 of those  years as Principal and 10 years as a Reading Specialist, Testing Coordinator, and Teacher with Prince George’s County Public Schools. She also is a consultant/facilitator for several education non-profit organizations with a primary focus on Literacy and Math common core standards and equitable instruction practices. She facilitates, trains, and coaches leaders all over the United States to develop practices that best support teachers and students. 


Dr. Walls is an advocate for all students and works tirelessly to ensure that students gain exponential academic growth and are productive members of society. She enjoys supporting, training, and coaching leaders and teachers to equip them to best meet the needs of all students. She is passionate about social justice and inequitable practices that plague students in schools thus her drive for founding Educational Equity Services, LLC.

She graduated from Hampton University where she received a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Elementary Education. She received a second M.S. in Reading Education from Coppin State University and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Maryland College Park. She also is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Incorporated.

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