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Social, Emotional, & Mental Health Services

Would your child benefit from receiving social, emotional, and mental health services such as individual and group counseling, mentorship, academic support, or student advocacy? As a parent, have you struggled with supporting your child with the special education process, reviewing individualized education plans, and other supports? Well, Educational Equity Services is here to support you! We offer a variety of services to meet your needs. 


  o   Support & Assistance Navigating the Special Education Process as a             Parent/Guardian

  o   Review of Student Psychological & Psycho-educational Evaluations

  o   Review of Student Individualized Education Programs

  o   Review of Student Functional Behavior Assessments

  o   Review of Student Behavior Intervention Plans


Professional Development -

  o   Childhood Depression

  o   Suicide Intervention

  o   Anxiety

  o   Trauma

Individual and Group Counseling


Consulting school professionals (administrators and teachers) regarding students academic, social, and emotional needs

Social, emotional, and academic support

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